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Products Introduction

  The base material uses vacuum sputtering, exposure developing, electroplating processes, etc., and applies them to ceramic metalized processing, flip-chip package substrate processing, COB thin film ceramic thermal dissipation substrates, etc. Which have good adhesion, high circuit precision, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity The main products are high-power LED thermal dissipation substrates, LED thermal dissipation modules, concentrating type solar cell substrates, passive components, and high power electronic components, etc ...

Company Profile



ECO combine the prefix of Ecological &Economical. It is a symbol of environmental protection and energy conservation for our company to pursue the core values. CERA is from the prefix of Ceramics, that means Ceramics technology is our another main core value. That’s why ECOCERA present we will offer our customers the technology and materials with environmental protection and high value economical ceramics

ECOCERA was established in January 2011. The company is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Its products are used in LED lighting, automotive lighting, mobile phone LED flash, UV, display and other applications.

We uphold the spirit of excellence, continue our research and development to improve product’s quality and quantity Enhance the professional technical staff and new product innovation to complete a strong R & D group and advanced mature and innovative production technology. Available to provide our customers the products with high competitiveness and high value-added immediately. Mainwhile, pay attention to the image of enterprises, towards high-precision, high-productivity and high-tech goal.

Company Status

Established   January, 2011
Capital   NT 190,000,000


  Chou, Wan-Shun
Vice President   Li, Cung-I
Address   2F., No.303, Sec. 2, Nanshan Rd., Luchu Township, Taoyuan county, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Business   DPC (Direct Plating Copper)
  DBC (Direct Bonded Copper)
  HPC (High Performance Copper)

Business Philosophy

ECOCERA upholds that everything we do is sincere and with respect, doing what we say as the operating criteria, and to provide customers with satisfactory services. We actively build excellent management teams, expand the global market and research & development of new products, new technologies, and put them into professional manufacturing.  

  Green Supply Chain
  【Conflict Minerals Policy】
Research findings from international NGOs (Non-Government Organization) such as SOMO and Enough indicate that the Democratic Republic of the Congo, scene of the deadliest conflict since World War II, remains the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman or a girl—in significant part because of the international demand for electronic products that requires minerals found in the eastern Congo. Companies that produce electronics containing conflict minerals from eastern Congo have a responsibility to ensure that their business dealings are not inadvertently helping to fuel atrocities.
Therefore, the EICC and GeSI have requested their member companies to ensure socially and environmentally responsible sourcing of metals. Based on the requirements of customers。
ECOCERA supports the global prohibition against the conflict minerals1 and corporates with suppliers to conduct investigation to avoid procurement of conflict minerals and minerals that directly or indirectly finance for benefit illegal armed groups from conflict-affected regions such as DRC and adjoining countries2.

1.Conflict metals: Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold.
2.DRC and adjoining countries: Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan ,Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Bussiness Item

【Ceramics circuit board production】
Mainly used for high power LED thermal dissipation substrates, LED thermal dissipation modules, concentrating type solar cell substrates, passive components, and high power electronic components. ECOCERA’s ceramics circuit processing line has been established in order to provide better services. After three years of development and testing, it is now available to produce high production capability, high-quality ceramic substrate, of which the electroplating process has received patents in many countries. And these patented processes can be adjusted when applying to various ceramic circuit board needs, and can effectively improve product reliability and quality.

Product Features
  • Good adhesion, high temperature resistance, and high reliability.
  • High thermal conductivity, good heat dispensing capacity.
  • Can be used with different products for development.